Believing there's something better for assisted living.

At Family Tree Residential Assisted Living we are creating great resident lifestyles. Our assisted living isn’t “home-like” because it is home. We position our residences in real neighborhoods so your loved one doesn’t have to feel like they have given up everything that used to be normal.

Imagine for a moment: What place would mom or dad prefer, a large, nice but institutional facility OR home? When they look out the window do they see plush grass, a nice patio, mature trees OR a big parking lot? When assistance is needed are they relying on a caregiver who has 15 or more other residents to care for or a caregiver who is available because there are only 5 residents to care for?

We believe we have an answer to this dilemma. Residential assisted living.




1962 W Alex Bell Road Washington Township

5136 Bigger Road                Kettering




Gorgeous designs. Chef prepared food. Beautiful atriums. All wonderful amenities. However, caregivers end up stretched too thin and unwanted accidents still happen. The problem isn't caregivers. The problem: it's not realistic for 1 person to care for 15 people. At Family Tree, our residents have 1 caregiver for 5 residents. 


If you've been researching assisted livings, then you know most are similar size with similar offerings. Family Tree offers a different approach. One where we put our residents' needs over everything. 


Assisted living is interesting. Every offering espouses their version of a "home-like" setting. Of course, the reality is a large facility can never feel like home. Family Tree isn't home-like because it is a home. 


Every family has a story, welcome to ours.

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