Dreaming of something new


We, Drew and Robert, worked together at a local hospice agency for many years on the business development and community education team. We were tasked with developing relationships with local physicians, nursing centers and hospitals so that we could best serve our community. We met with hundreds of wonderful families struggling through the process of end-of-life. It was here both of us shared our passion for helping families navigate the complex and confusing healthcare landscape. 

Due to the nature of our roles with hospice we have a unique, inside-out view of the many skilled nursing centers and assisted living communities in the area. Like many have felt, the long term care industry as a whole is lacking. Staffing issues and margins unfortunately affect how well staff are able to care for residents. Beautiful, elaborate, new buildings don't necessarily match the level of aesthetics with the care they provide.   

From these experiences, we also met many wonderful folks working in the same facilities we served. One such place was called Atha Assisted Living. We met Rick, the owner and operator, at different times, separated by a few years. Without the other knowing, we harbored a deep curiosity of a new concept called residential assisted living, where 24/7 care is delivered in a house, located in a real neighborhood. In early 2017, Robert and I talked about a dream to one day begin our own home, referencing our experiences with Atha. We laughed as we realized we were both describing the same place!

Caring for our elderly population with dignity is a moral obligation the younger generations must carry. Robert and I sincerely believe we have a responsibility to treat our elders better than the options available to them today. Out of this, we developed a relationship with Rick Atha, learning all we could about his residential assisted living homes. As it turned out, he was ready to retire and hand his business over to someone who could carry on the legacy of treating seniors the way he would want to be treated.

We planted Family Tree Residential Assisted Living in Summer 2017. We are proud of the team we have and our design to keep caregiver to resident ratios at 1:5 maximum. It's different, but we believe you'll see a stark contrast between a vibrant home, similar to the one mom or dad left, and the long, institutional hallways of a large facility. 

Thank you for checking in! Cheers!

Drew and Robert